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5 Best Toilet Picks: Toto Carusoe Full Review Toto Carusoe CST715-01

As mentioned in other reviews, Toto is really the gold standard by which other toilets are measured. The Carusoe is their entry level model, modestly priced to compete with lesser toilets. And while the maP score is significantly lower than their other flushing systems, the upside is that this is a very simple gravity flush and I can't recall a single instance of needing to repair one–and we've installed thousands.   Don't let the maP score scare you ( >=600 vs. the E/Gmax >=1000 score); to give you some perspective, the average human typically eliminates about 300 g per instance. This consistently flushes double that amount. (MaP flush scores are done by independent labs and test the amount of bean curd shaped like, ahem, solid waste which a toilet can flush at one time. Kinda' funny when you think about it…) 

Like my other top 5 picks, it also has a nice large water spot (meaning the waste normally hits the water, not the bowl itself.) The washdown is also good (amount of water running along the inside of the bowl when flushed to wash down waste which didn't hit the water spot.) These combined go a long way toward helping keep the bowl clean. While that may not seem huge when selecting a toilet, it really does make life easier if you are the one who has to keep it clean. 

In the style department, the Carusoe is well proportioned and blends well into any setting. It is available in a basic selection of common colors. While this may not be "sexy," understand that if you find a toilet which has a lot of style and is this cheap, it almost certainly won't function well over the long haul. The beauty of putting in a Carusoe is this: you a get a classicly styled toilet, the Toto name, a bargain price, and once you install it, you will never have to think about it again. And if the worst happens and an errant 2 year old gleefully unwraps your entire roll of toilet paper into the bowl, one little bump with a plunger will take care of anything that doesn't make it down the first time. A drawback: Carusoe isn't offered in ADA height or in alternate rough ins. Round or elongated are your only two choices. Installation is typical and as easy as any toilet. 

Bottom Line: Getting a Toto Carusoe is like getting the entry level BMW; you get the name, and the features it does have are take-it-to-the-bank reliable. It gets my "Bronze Wrench" (Top 20% of class) and my "Work Horse" ratings—I've never been asked to repair one. It doesn't come in ADA height or alternate rough ins though. And while it is an excellent flusher, if you have a house full of errant 2 year olds, you might want to think about spending a few more dollars and choosing something with a high >=1000 maP flush score. 

Color Note: Toto's Cotton white matches most manufacturers' white including Kohler. Their Colonial White is made to match American Standard's white, which is somewhat less bright. If you need a Biscuit, go with Sedona Beige. For Almond, go with Bone (matches American Standard Bone too.)


By The Numbers: Model Details 

NOTE: Before buying any toilet, check out our Toilet Basics to determine the configuration you need.  Make sure to measure for your rough in; don't be tempted by the lower price to put in the wrong size—it creates leaks and problems down the line!


Model Shape/ Height GPF maP Flush Score Rough In MSRP Discount eFaucet $*

Carusoe CST715

Round/ Standard 1.6 >=600 12" $238 $142.80

Carusoe CST716

Elongated/ Standard 1.6 NR 12" $265


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*Discount price as of 5/2014 through eFaucets.com. Products and pricing are solely under the control of the vendor.

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