DIY Phone Fix: Poor Water Pressure After Replacing Faucet

faucet with poor water pressure

From real phone call with Diane C., Homeowner:

​Diane: "I was quite pleased with my bad self for installing a new kitchen faucet a while ago when my old one went kaput. I figured everything out, and it works fine but now my water pressure at the faucet is terrible. It practically dribbles out. I didn't have to turn off my water or anything; I just shut the wall valves where the faucet supplies connect.  Everything is brand new, so I don't understand why it is like this.  Is it because the new faucets are lower flow than old ones?"

GirlWithWrench: "No, the lower flow faucets are specifically designed to provide the same functionality with less water.  Some manufacturers do this better than others, but even a cheapie shouldn't be this noticeable.  What probably happened is is when you installed the new faucet, you broke loose some scale, calcification or other garbage that tends to accumulate in water lines over time.  Often it will build up in the line just beneath where the faucet supplies are inserted into the wall stop (wall valve) because there is a little lip there. When you install the new faucet and turn it on, the junk that broke off is carried up into the new faucet with the water flow.  If you are lucky, it was small enough to pass through the cartridge, but then it will accumulate in your aerator and block the flow."

​Diane: "What is an aerator? And how do I fix it?"

​GirlWithWrench: "It's the little screen on the very end of your faucet spout.  Just unscrew it and take a look.  It is probably filled with junk.  Clean it out, and screw it back on.  If it has calcification stuck to it, just soak it in a little household white vinegar for a few minutes and rinse.  That will take it right off."

​Diane: "I'm taking it off now.  Wow, you're right. It's full of debris."

canstock3253495-e1322057357392.jpg (24×26)​Tech Tip:  Sometimes the aerators don't come off so easily.  Most have two small flat spots designed to take a wrench. Use an adjustable wrench (with smooth jaws) to loosen it. Don't grab it with channel locks or a pipe wrench if you can avoid it–they will scratch the finish.  If it isn't designed to take a wrench, try using one of those rubber jar openers first.  If you still can't get it, wrap something soft around it and then use channel locks (the rubber jar opener is perfect for this as it won't slide.)  Wrap it around a few times to provide a nice thick cushion.

​Diane: (Replaces aerator after cleaning out) "Awesome!  It's perfect.  (Calls out to family) Girls…I just fixed the faucet!"

Girls in the background: "No way! By yourself? You go mom!"

​Diane: "Yep.  Sure did.  Thanks, Paula."

GirlWithWrench: "Anytime, Diane. Glad it worked out."


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