We've got to give the "the man" his due and have this stuff. Readers Digest Version: We won't give out your contact info to anyone or fill up your spam folder. Every situation is different, and we make no guarantees that our advice will work for every person, every time. A positive rating or review is no guarantee of performance for you. If you click on ads and links, GirlWithWrench may get some cashola. And if you hurt yourself working, that's on you and well beyond my control. And oh yeah, kids–don't try this at home wthout a parent or guardian. Seems easy enough, but somehow that doesn't cut it here in the US of A, so see the full versions for every jot and tittle…

Monetary Disclosure: GirlWithWrench may receive compensation if you click a link or make an online purchase from a vendor accessed through this site. She is just a squirrel trying to get a nut like everybody else, and has to make money somehow for this investment of time. Our mission is to become the most reliable and complete source of do it yourself information for the homeowner on the web, so pushing products we do not believe in makes NO SENSE when there are so many good products we can tell you about. It's a win-win situation for everyone if we tell you the truth, and you make your choices accordingly.


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    […] Not to worry. Girl With Wrench brings you toilet reviews: by a real plumber with actual, honest opinions! To get us started, I've reviewed my top 5 picks in the Value and Mainstream price ranges. All reviews in this post are based on my OWN EXPERIENCE.  In the future, I may review items I have not personally used but know that ‚ÄčI WILL NEVER PUT ANY PRODUCTS ON MY SITE THAT I WOULD NOT TRY MYSELF!  Yes, the plan is to make a few dollars from this site, so if this concerns you, please see my full disclosures.  […]

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