“It’s Always Something…”

"It's always something…" seems to be a reucurring theme not only in project completion, but in the making of this blog overall.  Undeterred, I drive forward and continue to work. Since my lastest "somethings" have been offline, and impacted my ability to get new content up, I thought I'd post this little synopsis to let those of you anxiously awaiting more of my Hollywood videos what is happening.

After spending a solid day last week giving my old PC a workout while I flew along making pages, editing videos, and the like, it dropped dead on the spot and simply refused to turn on anymore. "I'm done," it said. "Good luck to you."  A day and a trip to Best Buy later, I was setting up my shiny new quad-processor, 6 gigs of ram, 1 T hard drive machine.  I was delighted to discover that my backup drive had actually been functioning as designed, and I had all my data less about two days. So after a couple more full days restoring, installing, configuring and dealing with compatibility issues, I was finally back to where I started. Almost.

I lost several days of video, so no longer have: Replacing a sillcock (garden hose nozzle), Basic Soldering, Securing things to masonry, How to mix and apply hydraulic cement and sadly, rodding. In the meantime, I have been busy and have shot some new video including: Installing new dryer vent in brick home;  Wall Hanging Basics; Installing door weather stripping; and Installing new window lock.  In the coming 10 days, I have a lot of shooting scheduled so will have plenty of useful stuff "in the can."  I do keep that little "In Production" box up to date, so see that for topics if you are curious. 

In tracking what I do have done, I realized I am getting no appreciable ranking because search engines can't read video, so my first task is to get all the garbage disposer segments transcribed and put on the pages. I'm working on that as I have little snippets of free time between shoots.  As soon as I have that up, I can move forward with production of the remaining video.  

So that's what's been happening here a GWW Headquarters.  It's too bad I lost some of the that video—there was a hilarious part where I was shooting in an area which happened to be behind some bushes, and the neighbors were all surreptitiously milling about trying to discern why this woman was hiding behind the bushes talking to herself.  You just can't make this stuff up!  But undoubtedly there will new adventures to share, and I look forward to doing so.  Thanks for your support.

Live Free, Work Hard.

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