How To Install a Garbage Disposer


Need to install a garbage disposer?  Relax, it's not too bad and I'll walk you through it start to finish. Amaze your family and friends when you breeze through it like a pro. Ok, maybe not, but if you're new at this game, this video how-to series will save you a lot of aggravation by letting you know what to expect, what you are looking for, common pitfalls to avoid and some tips for getting out if you end up in one anyway. And of course it's entertaining to watch me end up in one in Part 3. Sigh. That's lesson one in "What to Expect"–when it comes to home projects, it's always something. Enough of the jabber– Let's get to work!

Note:  This is a replacement installation, so does not cover in-depth running new electric and converting the undersink plumbing.  An additional segment to cover this is on the production wish list, but in the meantime, post a question and I'll answer it if I can. Thanks for visiting!

Start Here: Part 1—Tools & Supplies and begin removing old disposer

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