DIY Phone Fix: Disposal Smell

Quick fix for disposal smell

Disposal smell? Try this quick and easy trick to lose the odor and keep your kitchen smelling fresh and clean. Conversation with Shannon, Homeowner:

​Shannon: "I love my new garbage disposer, but I've noticed lately there is an odor in my kitchen.  I think it is coming from my disposal.  How do I clean it to get rid of the smell?

​Girl With Wrench: "That's an easy one!  Simply put a lemon, lime or even an orange, through your disposer.  Halve or quarter it, and grind it up like any other food.  Let the hot water run for a couple minutes afterwards and that should do it."

​Shannon: "How often should I do that? And does it actually clean the disposal?

​Girl With Wrench: "It depends on how often you use your disposer—anywhere from once a week to once a month. Your nose will tell you.  The acid in the citrus will actually clean the disposer, but if there is a lot of build up, you may need to run two or three through the first time.  Another trick you can try is this if it is really resistant: Quarter a lemon, and without running the water, put it in the disposer with a handful of ice cubes and a couple tablespoons of table salt.  Grind together for 15-30 seconds–until you can hear that everything has been crushed.  Then run the hot water for a minute or two to flush.  The salt acts as an abrasive.  This is the ONLY time you should ever run your disposal without running the water though. Using your disposer without running water can damage the unit.

(Later) Shannon: "Hi. Just wanted to call and let you know I tried the lemon trick you told me about.  It worked great! No more disposal smell! Thanks."


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