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5 Best Toilet Picks: American Standard Colony Full Review American Standard Colony Toilet

As I've mentioned, American Standard is just what their name says—an American standard. The Colony has been their bread-and-butter entry level workhorse as far back as I can remember. If you're trying to keep the price down around a hundred bucks, and/or you have a small bathroom, this is the winner.

American Standard has always been, and remains, a standout for reliable flushing over the long haul. Even in this price range, they don't sacrifice flushing performance and longevity. Like my other value pick, the maP score isn't going to match the "big boys" (Colony comes in at >=600 vs. the >=1000 of pricier models) but don't let that scare you. Your average person only produces around 300 g of waste at a time, half that amount. (MaP flush scores are done by independent labs and test the amount of bean curd shaped like, ahem, solid waste which a toilet can flush at one time. Kinda' funny when you think about it…) 

Like my other top 5 picks, service calls are virtually non-existent for the 1.6 gpf models—they haven't been around long enough by the American Standard timeline. Service is generally reserved for the 3+ gpf toilets, which haven't been available for sale in about 15 years. Even better news: you can still get parts for those aging fixtures, and American Standard customer service is extremely helpful in that regard. Why does that matter? Because in 15 years, you'll be able to call them and get help for your $100 toilet that finally needed a little TLC.

As for style, well, it's fine and it comes in the colors used in about 99% of homes. The finer details of shape and size have been tweaked over many years, making it both clean of line and comfortable to use. Installation is relatively easy; nothing tricky there. It looks like AS has recently redesigned the 1.6 standard size models, and many of the configurations are hard to find right now. The good news: the FitRight models are readily available in almost all configurations. What is FitRight? It's a compact bowl design which reduces the overall distance of the bowl front from the wall, without changing the footprint (on the floor) or the seating area size. This means if you have a small bathroom, or the toilet is close to the door, you can pick up a couple of precious inches. Or you can get a comfy elongated bowl where you only had space for a standard round front. It really is a nice benefit.

Bottom Line: I'll say it yet one more time: performance and reliability—and it's price tag gets it the "Best Bang" (for the buck) award. With the FitRight design, and availability of many configurations, including the elusive 10" rough in ADA height, there is a model to fit in any bathroom. It earns my "Bronze Wrench" (Top 20% of class) and my "Work Horse" ratings as well, having been around proving its durability for, like ummm, ever.

Color Note: American Standard's white is a little less bright than most other manufacturers. There is a noticeable difference, so if you don't have American Standard for your other bath fixtures, understand this ahead of time. If the fixtures are not right next to each other, it is less noticeable. Having a fairly high contrast with the color of the wall behind it also minimizes this effect.

Note on High Efficiency option: There is a new 1.28 gpf (gallons per flush) version of the Colony which came out at the beginning of this year according to their website. I would expect it to be an excellent option, but am not reviewing it for two reasons. First, they are not too easy to find. Secondly, that fact combined with their recent introduction means I haven't seen one and we have no track record. So I really don't have anything useful to say about them. 

By The Numbers: Model Details 

NOTE: Before buying any toilet, check out our Toilet Basics to determine the configuration you need.  Make sure to measure for your rough in; don't be tempted by the lower price to put in the wrong size—it creates leaks and problems down the line!


Model Shape/ Height GPF maP Flush Score Rough In MSRP Discount eFaucet $*
Colony FitRight 2436.012 Round/ Standard 1.6 >=600 12" $165 $108.88
Colony FitRight 2486.010 Round/ Standard 1.6 >=600 10" $218 $143.86
Colony FitRight   3435.012 Elongated/ Standard 1.6 >=600 12" $201


Colony FitRight   2485.010 Elongated/ Standard 1.6 >=600 10" $261 $172.23
Colony FitRight   2437.012 Elongated/ ADA 1.6 >=600 12" $238 $157.06
Colony FitRight   2487.010 Elongated/ ADA 1.6 >=600 10" $298 $196.65

Or find the best price on Amazon below. Just type model number in search box:

    *Discount price as of 5/2014 through eFaucets.com. Products and pricing are solely under the control of the vendor.  

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