Home Sweet Home…


DIY Plumbing, Home Repair & Maintenance How To's & Videos from the GirlWithWrench DIY Network

GirlWithWrench, or more correctly, GirlWithReallyBigWrench :) Photo Credit: Taylor Downs Photography



Hello I'm Paula—the plumber, homeowner, and project glutton-for-punishment who has learned nearly everything the hard way. Learn from my failures, and successes, in this collection of how-to's, videos, and reviews. More than just the projects, I cover plumbing basics, work basics, how to use tools, and more—liberally sprinkled throughout with tips & tricks. If I can learn to do this stuff, seriously, so can you.


So if you're frustrated with online DIY plumbing, home repair & maintenance instructions where one innocuous little line of text turns into a 4 hour wrestling match; if you're tired of so-called reviews that are nothing more than a collection of commercials; if you're bewildered when blithely told to "cut out the damaged section"–with WHAT? No saw will fit in there…Then you are in the right place.



"…So give me your newbies, your desk jockeys,
Your huddled techno-geeks yearning to plumb free. 
Send these, the home repair-less, tempest-tost to me. 
I lift my wrench beside the golden door!"

Tee hee, she types with glee…get some sleep, girl with wrench!

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